Making victim afraid by using looks, actions, and
gestures. Smashing things. Destroying property.
Abusing pets. Displaying weapons.


Controlling what victim does, who they see and talk
to, what they read, and where they go. Limiting
outside involvement. Using jealousy to jusitfy

Emotional Abuse

Putting them down. Making the victim feel bad
about themself. Calling them names. Making victim
think they are crazy. Playing mind games. Humilia-
ting them. Making the victim feel guilty

Economic Abuse

Preventing the victim from getting or keeping a job.
Making them ask for money. Giving the victim an
allowance. Taking their money. Not letting the
victim know about or have access to family income.

Sexual Abuse

The victim is pressured or forced to participate in
any sexual activity against their will.

Using Children

Making the victim feel guilty about the children.
Using the children to relay messages. Using visitation
to harass the victim. Threatening to take the children

Coercion and Threats

Making and/or carrying out threats to do something
to hurt the victim. Threatening to hurt the victim,
commit suicide, or report them to welfare. Making
them drop charges. Making the victim do illegal


Treating the victim like a servant. Making all the
decisions. Acting like “master of the castle.” Being
the one to define relationship roles.

Physical Abuse

The victim is pushed, shoved, slapped, hit, punched
or kicked, or objects are used as weapons against


According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men
have been victims of domestic violence. All victims deserve support and advocacy.
YOU can join us in helping victims of domestic violence throughout Minnesota.

WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Program (WRAP), serves all those affected by domestic violence in Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood, and Yellow Medicine Counties. It is time that our communities join together to help people that have been victimized. It is happening everywhere and there are resources available. Anyone may be a victim of abuse at some point in their life. Battering cuts across all economic levels, educational backgrounds, ethnicities, and who is married, separated, living with or involved in a relationship with a male or female partner. Victims can be any age; they can be doctors, homemakers, students, secretaries, factory workers, or anyone else. Please join us on Thursday, November 14, 2019 for Give to the Max Day and help WRAP secure safe, affordable, and adequate housing while promoting empowerment and self-sufficiency trough advocacy and community collaboration to end the cycle of violence.
Your tax-deductible gift will mean so much as we help victims and their children:

  • $25 : A gas card can be provided to victims and children, as they flee domestic violence. They often need help with transportation expenses to get to a safe place or meet with a WRAP advocate.
  • $50 : A gift card to a local store, for basic needs, is provided to victims and their children. When people flee domestic violence they often leave everything behind. WRAP provides items such as diapers and wipes, toothpaste, laundry soap, clothing, etc.
  • $100 : Safe shelter and food for 1 night can be provided. As people are fleeing, they often need a safe place to stay until they can work with a WRAP advocate.
  • $200 : Help a victim and their children, by supplying a deposit for utilities, as they restart their lives in a new home.
  • $450 : Provide a victim and their children four nights of safe housing, in a hotel as they flee from violence. All food and personal care items are provided for the family during this time.
  • $650 : One month’s worth of rent for the WRAP safe house, which is located throughout the Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood, and Yellow Medicine Counties. A victim and their children are able to stay up to 29 days at a secured house, as they work on progressing forward.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 this year and you can help us reach it. You can donate TODAY and it will count towards Give to the Max!

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